Preparing Your Property To Rent.

Preparing Your Property To Rent.

Preparing Your Property To Rent.

Whether your a new investor or a seasoned investor, this is a great guide and checklist for preparing your investment property for lease.

At Ultimate our Property Managers can guide you through this process, we always say “Start Right - Finish Right”. This means if you follow the right steps in the beginning then the your in for smooth sailing during the time you have the investment property to the time you decide to capitaise on your investment. Our landlords have come to learn the value of experience and having a great Property Manager and team aiding them in their investments, so it would be said that the first step is to select your Ultimate Property Manager from the start.

But if your preparing the property yourself, prior to employing an Ultimate Property Manger then see the checklist attached.

The better prepared you and your property are the smoother the rental process will go and continue.................

Click here to Download your copy of the Ultimate Checklist for Preparing Your Investment for Rent.