Susan Whitelaw

Licenced Real Estate Salesperson

About me

A Seasoned Real Estate Expert with a Flair for Success

Meet Susan, an accomplished agent with a remarkable track record. With nearly three decades dedicated to the Real Estate Industry, Susan has honed her expertise, proving that experience truly is a treasure trove.

Her fervent passion for real estate keeps her laser-focused, and her adeptness in aggressive marketing and shrewd negotiation has consistently yielded impressive results. Renowned for her personable nature, Susan's clients often describe her as approachable, genuine, and affable. A masterful listener and communicator, she's earned the trust of her clientele, going the extra mile without hesitation.
Throughout her career, Susan has navigated the sale of an array of properties, collaborating with individuals from diverse walks of life. Many of these relationships have evolved into lasting connections, forming the cornerstone of her business. It's no surprise that a substantial portion of her current endeavors stem from repeat business and referrals—a testament to her character.

With an extensive support network at her disposal, Susan seamlessly partners with lawyers, photographers, tradespeople, and even family members to offer comprehensive assistance. The real estate lineage runs deep in her family, as some of her children have carved their own successes in the field. Beyond her professional prowess, Susan possesses a keen eye for home decor and indulges in gardening when time permits, despite her commitment to her five beloved grandchildren.

In essence, Susan is the embodiment of a true real estate professional. Whether you're seeking expert guidance or simply a friendly chat, Susan is your go-to resource. Respected by her peers and lauded for her knowledge, approachability, and amiability, Susan consistently delivers results that speak volumes about her dedication to her craft.