Ultimate Property Management

Why Choose Ultimate Properties to Manage Your Property?

1. Ultimate focus.

We are experienced property managers committed to providing Ultimate service to our clients. Your property is our passion. Our passion is our customer promise.

2. Tenant Selection.

We want you to have the best possible tenants for your property. We put all prospective tenants through our thorough application process. We collect data on previous rentals, landlords and references. We do background checks and credit checks.

We check applicants thoroughly. Our selection process ensures a high level of satisfied property owners, happy tenants and low tenant turn over. We don’t always take the first tenant that comes along as they may not suit your property.

3. Our property management service guarantee.

We know how to deliver outstanding property management service, which is why we have no hesitation offering you a written service guarantee. Our short and comprehensive property management guarantee is our promise that we’ll provide an industry leading level of service.

4. Tenancy.co.nz Gold Trusted Partner

We are gold partners with Tenancy.co.nz which helps keep us up to date with training, any changes to Legislation and keeps all our documentation up to date which helps protect you and your investment.

5. Experience, experience, experience.

This is the key. Our team has over 100 years combined experience in the property management industry in both Australia and New Zealand rental markets.

6. We’re proactive, not reactive.

Your property is one of your biggest assets and we understand that it needs to be looked after – properly! We work on the theory that prevention is better than cure. Where possible, we identify problems before they occur. Properties under our management look like homes, not rentals, and we look after them as if they are our own.

7. Zero tolerance rent arrears.

Whilst we manage a small portfolio, we manage it well and our rent arrears list does not exist. Every one of our tenants rent is paid on time.

8. Clear communication. We listen to you.

We listen to you and provide fast and direct solutions. We aim to keep everything simple and easy. You’re given all the information needed to make informed decisions. We call with solutions, not problems.

9. Tenants matter.

Tenants are what make investment properties work, and when a tenant has a problem, we sort it out. We look after your tenants, so they look after your property.


Ultimate Service, Ultimate quality, choose Ultimate Properties to manage your investment!

Ultimate Service Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received from Ultimate Properties, and you have brought this to our attention and we have failed to address your concerns, then we will gladly continue the management of your property for the next month FREE of management fees.

NOTE: This guarantee does not apply when we are requested to carry out non-standard duties or matters outside our control