Sherry Wang

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About me

Right house in the Right Time with the Right advice by the Right salesperson!

Sherry has been a Hamiltonian for many years and is a passionate mom to her two lovely kids. She decided to move into Real Estate as she wants to be a good role model for her children, which is to use her knowledge, to help her clients receive the best possible experience when buying or selling real estate.

She recognises that finding the right house for the growing family is important. Having lived locally in Hamilton for almost 15 years she understands the area well. Sherry’s past working experience in the construction industry, is an asset for her clients as she understands what the right price for the right house for them will be. It also helps her to guide her clients through the building process.

She is fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese and is looking forward to helping her customers to achieve their real estate goals.

我是两个孩子的母亲 之所以选择做房产中介 是因为明白合适的房子能为一个家庭带来舒适便利 更能为孩子的成长创造积极的环境

我对于汉密尔顿北区的房产非常熟悉 得益于我在这里生活超过15年和以往在房产行业的相关工作经验 而且我会说流利的国语和粤语 所以希望能尽自己的能力 为大家在选择房产的时候 给予一些有用的信息和帮助 让大家能在合适的价位购买到自己理想的房产

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